Monday, March 19, 2018

Roger Joseph Manning Jr - Glamping EP & Reissues

Most of you may know Roger Joseph Manning Jr from Jellyfish, but the man had also 2 fabulous solo records: Land Of Pure Imagination (it had a slightly different release in Japan with 3 different tracks and was called Solid State Warrior) in 2006 and Catnip Dynamite in 2008.

Since then it was very quiet regarding new records - until now!

The is a new campaign on Pledgemusic for his complete musical work:
A new four track EP called Glamping (digital and CD release in May 2018, vinyl later), reissues of his first two records (CD & colored vinyl), signed stuff, lyric sheets, art books, clothing, Skype interviews, writing birthday songs and much more.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Chris Price - Dalmatian

The new record of Chris Price is out now! After his critically acclaimed second record Stop Talking nearly 50 songs were left off from the record because they simply didn't fit in its concept.
With the arrival of Dalmatian, Price’s brand new third album and second release in only 10 months, that music finds new life.
The 13 tracks found on Dalmatian are all written, produced, engineered, arranged and mixed by Price himself (with occasional help from co-writers Taylor Locke, Fernando Perdomo, and Alex Jules).

Price says, “This is a collection of fragments, outcasts and ideas from the sessions that produced Stop Talking. A lot of material that I love was left off of that album for one reason or another. Whether it was because the songs didn’t fit tonally or thematically, or the sonics didn’t match up, I found myself sitting on a pile of stuff that couldn’t find a home. I’m not sure if this is my new album or a companion piece to the last one (Disc 2, if you will). Maybe it’s both. I’ll let everyone else decide. All I know is I’m very proud of this work and I’m so happy to have it out there in the world instead of buried on a hard drive somewhere.

Track List:
  1. Prelude
  2. Sick Boy
  3. Fever Dream
  4. Roller Coaster
  5. Breakfast Cruise
  6. The Dream Is Over (But We’re Just Waking Up)
  7. Dalmatian (Interlude)
  8. Discount Love
  9. I Won’t Be Loved
  10. Peculiar Lake Superior
  11. Uncle John
  12. I’ll Follow Her Anywhere
  13. The Angels Of Buena Vista
So, according to his last record (Stop Talking) which was stellar, you MIGHT have a look at this release! Order the record (CD and digital) at Omnivore and Bandcamp!

Teitur - Sara

'Sara' is the first single taken from the upcoming Teitur album 'I Want To Be Kind'.

Buy or stream the song here:
If you're old-fashioned - just wait for the new record!

Friday, February 23, 2018

David Mead - 25 Days To "Dudes"

Preparing for his latest record "Dudes", David Mead created a 25 song collection named "25 Days To Dudes" in 2011 for free. It contains some of David’s best hits, album cuts and previously unreleased outtakes from the last 12 years, plus two new songs from Dudes.
 To say it's a fine collection is underestimated by far. It is superb. Listen to it!

Listen to the collection and get it here:

Jeremy Messersmith - Late Stage Capitalism

Jeremy Messersmith is back with his latest album having the excellent and reflecting the current state of the world title Late Stage Capitalism

The lead single is called Purple Hearts (listen below). The album is out due March 9, 2018.

Pre-order the upcoming album Late Stage Capitalism now:

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mike Viola - Acousto De Perfecto (Mike Viola Q&A)

In July 2012 Mike Viola released his latest full length record Acousto de Perfecto. You can order it directly at Lojinx (vinyl, CD, digital).

Along with the record release Mike Viola was so kind to give me an interview:

How Acousto De Perfecto did came about?

After recording Electro De Perfecto and playing a few shows with my rock trio around Los Angeles I headed out on tour solo, alone with my guitar where I landed on this idea to make Acousto De Perfecto. Stripped down versions of Electro De Perfecto. I have this tendency to compartmentalize my material.

"This is my rock record" - "this is my live acoustic record with all new songs" - "this is my guy trapped in his basement far reaching swinging for the fences POP record" - this whole idea of Acousto De Perfecto kind of flies in the face of compartmentalization.
Confuses things.  Muddles the story.  But it's ultimately really satisfying to hear the Acousto De Perfecto immediately after the last track of Electro De Perfecto "When The Stars Are Against Me". It opens up the lifespan of the songs for me. For the idea the creator has for his creation. Not only Frankenstein, but the Son, the Bride, meets the Wolfman - maybe the new way of doing songs isn't some eternal flame "ultimate version" like any Beatles or Stones record.  But rather, an interpretation. I sound pedantic. Foolish.  See, if you think about these things too much you begin to put them in a compartment. Stupid humans. Off to the show!

Acousto de Perfecto cover

Acousto De Perfecto spawned out of being on tour alone playing the songs from Electro De Perfecto. I didn't want to simply make a parallel record of all the songs on Electro De Perfecto done acoustic so I included some new material that I was gathering for whatever record of mine was coming next. 
Secret Radio was written onstage live at a show in Charlotte NC. This guy, a fan of pop music was putting on a "pop fest". He paid all his favorite pop artists to come to NC, put them (us) up in hotels and rented out this hall. Maybe a gym at a college? Can't remember. Anyway. About 13 people showed up on a rainy Friday night. It was an utter failure. It spoke volumes about the distorted self-perception that fans of pop music have about their pop brethren. That's another story. An ugly long story. The story of Secret Radio is me singing to those 13 people. Explaining something in song. that they are the reason I try and try again. And always will. No matter how pathetic the numbers. I sing to the  people who lean forward and sometimes way too far back to hear the right melody, lyric, emotion wrapped up in a sexual midst that lies or lays somewhere between the girls in the train car in Hard Day's Night and the tattooed love boys. They mine their record collections for just one more surprise. A fix. Anyway... that song was a direct delivery from that haggard muse hanging in the stale air of that empty auditorium in Charlotte NC one cloudy summer night.  

Why do you think vinyl LPs have this huge comeback particularly in the recent years?

Cause vinyl is better and people know that. CDs were an invention by manufacturers. SONY invented the CD player and the CD format. Then they bought Columbia records and forced vinyl out of existence. At least I think that's what happened. Anyway, the internet has come along and along with it main street America is coming back and so is vinyl.  It's always the corporations that fuck shit up for us little guys. CDs... never liked them. Walmart... don't shop there. I'd rather pay twice the amount for my chunk of cheese elsewhere. 

How did you meet Bleu? Your cooperation with him and Ducky Carlisle (L.E.O., The Major Labels) were great efforts – is there a chance of anything more in the future?

I was doing these shows in Boston called "Mike Viola's mix tape". My friend Andrea Kremer introduced me to William James and told me we'd fall in love. She was right.  L.E.O. was all his idea. TML was the first and last band I've ever been in. It's highly unlikely we'll do another record. I died at the end of that one anyway.   

TML - Aquavia cover

Who was the last singer/band that took you by surprise?

Probably Rufus Wainwright. When he did Want One. I didn’t really get him before that record. Just didn't hear it. But that one knocked me out and then I went back and fell in love with his earlier stuff too.  

Is the internet in summation good or bad for musicians/bands - in terms of file sharing, crowd funding, blogs and social networks?

It's great for me. Can't speak for everyone else. I love it cause if I hear about something that's supposed to be good I can immediately check it out, or buy it, or not. And for me as an artist I can reach my fans directly, they know where to find me. 

You did movie soundtracks in the past (The Dewey Cox Story, Get Him to The Greek, That Thing You Do etc.). It’s surely fun to write lyrics like Furry Walls or African Child, is it? I loved the performance of Furry Walls at the end of the movie (the beginning is incredibly funny)!
As much as I love all the records of Aldous Snow (except the one before his creative hiatus – that was crap… ;-): Is there a chance we will ever listen to these songs with Mike Viola on vocals?

Hem. I just did a tour with Adam Schlesinger where we played a bunch of songs from the movies we've worked on. There are demo recordings of me singing every song from the movies I've worked on and also songs that didn’t make it. For Greek I think Dan Bern and I wrote close to 30 songs. 

What do you think about your early songs nowadays (MV & the Bottom Line, MV & Snap, Kenmore Square…)? Is there a song you like in particular?

Oh that stuff is terrible. BUT, there are some earlier songs and recordings of mine that are really inspired naive and punk rock. I'm going to release some of that hopefully this year on 7". 
But SNAP was horrible and the records we made are even worse than what we sounded like live. One thing we could do was harmonize really good though. I miss that.  We drank tons of beer, harmonized and played darts. Okay there's a few songs I like. I think there's so much memory wrapped up in those songs so it's hard to tell if I really hate them or I just hated who I was when I was making them. But I'm pretty sure I hate them.

Review: Coldplay - Parachutes

Seventeen years ago many things were different. It was a time when MTV still played music videos, record companies had no problems with this internet thing, Chris Martin wasn't married with Gwyneth Paltrow yet - and Coldplay were not one of the most successful bands on earth.

The first thing I recall of Coldplay is seeing the video for "Yellow". Chris Martin is walking on a beach at night. At first I thought: good song, but a bit boring video. Until I recognized that this walk is from the middle of the night to the middle of the next day - in 4:29 min.

I bought Parachutes and listened to the first song - what a blast! Today "Don't Panic" is still one of my top songs of all time.  

I don't think it's necessary to do a full review here. Most of the songs are very well known. Astonishingly I still like to listen to the record as a whole despite the constant radio airplay of them. And in my opinion it has one of the best cover arts of a records I own (especially on vinyl!).

Coldplay was a great new band. And I loved them. Sadly they could never reach the climax of their first album again. Don't get me wrong, all of their following records have great songs and I like all of them very much. It's not their fault.

Songs for a lonely island: Don't Panic, Shiver, Trouble, High Speed, Parachutes

If you are the one person who has never heard of Coldplay before - listen to the album here:

The video for Don't Panic:

Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg - 5:55

The French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of the famous French actor Serge Gainsbourg) announced her second record in early 2006 (her first album was from 1986). I was a bit curious about it, especially because of the people who worked with her on the songs: Air, Jarvis Cocker, Neil Hannon (from Divine Comedy) - and Nigel Godrich (producer of Radiohead, REM, Beck, Air, Travis, Jason Falkner or Zero 7). So I waited (still remember, it was a very very long time between announcement and the release date). And I wasn't disappointed!

The album is all about the time between sleep and awake. This very special time in the middle of the night you can't sleep: you look at the clock radio and discover it's too late to go to sleep again before sunrise.

Songs for a lonely island: 5:55, The Songs That We Sing, Morning Song or better: the whole record from start to end. Listen here:

Review: Mike Viola - Electro de Perfecto

Mike Viola: Electro De Perfecto. Ten tacks. And a quite new direction. It's not like its forerunner Lurch at all.

1. Columbus Day Parade: A straight, fast and energetic opener.

2. Get You Back: I demand this to be a single, played by all radio stations. My daughter (18 months old) loves it, too.

3. El Mundo De Perfecto: For me it's the central song of the whole record. Wonderful.

4. Soundtrack Of My Summer: I listen to this song for a while now (it surfaced a while ago on soundcloud). It was the soundtrack of my summer! 

5. Closet Cutter: For me it was a grower, just like ...

6. Field of Guns 'n' Roses:... this one ...

7. Me And My Drinking:... and this. I didn't like all three at first very much. Now I do. 

8. Here's The Rub: Stuck in my head. Immediately. Be careful!

9. Inside Out: At the moment my least favorite song on the album (but this changes after every listen - in a positive way. How do you do this, Mike?)

10. When The Stars Are Against You: A strong closing of the album. I love the vibe.

It's out in digital form, the physical record (CD and vinyl) will be released on 4th of October. You can preorder it at Amazon worldwide (US, UK, DE).